Did you know that I have a very wild, kinky, dark side? Let's explore my dominatrix side together... you may like it... and if not, and you think it's too painful, then, that's the idea LOL

I'm so shocked with all the sad news about the Coronavirus pandemic! Thank goodness I came back from Canada 20 days ago, the plane was half empty and I am happy to report that I am clean, no health issues after all these days (and we all know that the incubation period is just 14 days). So woohoo! I'm healthy! and fresh like a lettuce LOL. Doing webcam shows live for my members, so join my site now and let's have some healthy kinky fun together. I'm feeling very dominating this week. Any submissives here?

Meet me in Canada!
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I'm getting ready to tour Canada this winter (brrr!), starting in Calgary, then Vancouver, and from there, at least 6 major cities. Please contact me and let me know where you'd like to meet me. I am available to meet, greet and...